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TVFF was forced to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy late 3/21/14. 

Dear Member,
I wanted to update you from yesterday's email and provide some explanation. Last week I was placed in a position to sale TVFF or close the doors. The sale although may have sound great - the details were not and left many issues. Over the next week the lawyers did their thing and we thought we had a resolution.  Following the guidelines of our lawyer we prepared for what we thought would be a sale and closed for maintenance of confirming inventory and pulling together the TVFF business items as the new owners would be changing the name but the goal was to be seamless in close for a few days left TVFF move out new owners move in.  Late Friday afternoon we were informed that there would not be a deal and were left with the option to file bankruptcy.  When we closed the doors Friday, I had every notion that the doors would be open sometime next week.  So many times you hear the phrase business is business. The hardest part of this last week is that this isn't business to me. When I looked at the option all I saw were the faces of my staff and the faces of you the member. I am so devastated that I was unable to make something work so that you all could continue with your healthy lives.  I am glad that were able to touch the lives of so many people.  Some it was as simple as to learn to walk on a treadmill for a stress test, others to lose weight for a surgery, some just to maintain and work out with friends.  I do hope that during the time the you were able to come that we met the mission of community and family.  I am sure many of you may have just purchased an item or had membership fees pulled. I honestly do not know what the next steps are with this.  These were part of things I was fight to avoid but unsuccessful. Our lawyer wanted to wait to give instructions until next week but I didn't want to send the updated note. I should have sent last night; however, for me this is like the loss of a family member and I selfishly took time to well cry my eyes out. The last two years have been so amazing for me and you all have touched my life and the lives of my staff.  I will keep you posted with any information that the lawyer lets me know. 

Don't forget to talk to your insurance about getting free memberships or membership reimbursements.  If you use Global Fit do the math and make sure you will not be paying more through Global Fit than if you paid the new gym.  Zumba girls - follow Megan McNicholas on Facebook and she will let you know where she is working out next. Several other instructors teach up at the New Holland Y other instructors are up toward the Pottstown area.  I will get their schedules and let you know.
I apologize again -- I wanted to close the proper way but time didn't allow. I hope you will be able to forgive me.





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